Press Release – Launch of the Victor Snieckus Foundation

Victor Snieckus

Montreal, Canada, June 2nd, 2024

We are happy to announce the launch of the Victor Snieckus Foundation, formed in memory of Professor Victor Snieckus, a distinguished, internationally renowned, and respected synthetic organic chemist and Emeritus Bader Chair of Chemistry, Queen’s University, Canada. The goal of the Victor Snieckus Foundation is to support outstanding Canadian chemists pursuing post-doctoral studies in Canada or abroad in synthetic organic chemistry at the institution of their choice. The foundation has been created by former graduate students and post-doctoral fellows of Professor Snieckus and his daughter, Naomi Snieckus. It has been made possible through generous financial support from Paraza Pharma Inc. and its CEO, Dr. Arshad Siddiqui, a graduate of the Snieckus labs. The foundation will begin accepting applications as of June 5th, with the announcement of the inaugural winner being made by November 1st, 2024. Please email: [email protected] for more details on the competitive application process.

“My father was a lover of good jazz, fine wine and above all beautiful chemistry. For those who knew him, they knew him as someone who spoke to everyone, from Nobel Prize Winners to the catering staff at events, to his students, with the same open-heartedness, respect, kindness, and curiosity. He also recognized the value of playing hard with a weekly student meeting at his home that would often end in discussions around a portable black board and a road hockey game. He worked hard up until his last days with three monitors set up at his desk and dictating emails to his students through me. I am so moved by the dedication of his former students on this team and by the amazing generosity of Dr. Arshad Siddiqui at Paraza Pharma Inc., to have this fellowship established in his name. Knowing that he would contribute to supporting good chemistry would make him intensely proud. He would also be the first to raise a glass of Zobrowka to the chosen candidate and then say, ‘Get back to the lab!’”

- Naomi Snieckus